Curse of Strahd

Tilting Away From Windmills

Session 5

The party begins their journey west at sunrise of their second day in Barovia. On the bridge passing over Tser Falls, they encounter a hag traveling in the opposite direction. The hag, one Jeny Greenteeth, claims to have at one time been a resident of the Sword Coast who emigrated to Barovia to peddle her magical services with basically no competition and pursue her ill-defined but creepy hobbies and experiments.

Frustrated that Greenteeth doesn't seem to operate out of a static location and that they cannot purchase a casting of raise dead in advance, the party presses on towards Vallaki. Along the way, they stop at a decrepit windmill inhabited by more elderly spellcasting ladies. After an unfortunate introduction during which Tom damages the building while trying to kill yet another nosy bird (an incident smoothed over by a careful application of mending from Brenna), the party learns that this windmill is where the pastries being sold in the Village of Barovia come from. Since nobody in the party wants to go on another flour-and-butter-fueled trip, the inhabitants of the windmill demand they be left alone. The party obliges and continues westward.

Walking along the banks of Lake Zarovich, the more sharp-eyed members of the party (Tom and Grey) spot a man in a boat dumping a suspiciously mobile sack overboard. Tom quickly retrieves the sack and brings it ashore to find a little girl contained within. The party concludes that they were too late: the girl is dead. This, in turn, leads Ireena to conclude that none of her escorts have any medical training, and she resuscitates the girl. Tom proclaims himself a hero.

The girl introduces herself as Arabelle, a Vistana who lives with her father and uncle in a camp west of Vallaki. She claims to have been kidnapped while spying on carts coming and going through Vallaki's west gate, and that she did not get a good look at her kidnapper. The party is divided on whether or not they should travel through Vallaki with Arabelle, since her kidnapper (who has since rowed away into the mists of Lake Zarovich) may be a resident of the town, but the matter is settled when they learn that, by order of Vallaki's Burgomaster, no Vistani are permitted in Vallaki due to their people's ties to Strahd.

As the party travels around the town to deliver Arabelle home before entering Vallaki, they are beset by dire wolves. With the aid of a guard manning the south wall, the party barely survives the assault; only Tom, Ireena, and Arabelle remain conscious. The guard (who under the circumstances, does not think to determine if any members of this group are Vistani) brings the group into Vallaki, where the owners of the Blue Water Inn agree to let them recuperate.


DM: “You are successfully not creepy.”

Tom: makes lightning via prestidigitation
DM: “The sky is unimpressed.”

DM: “You come to the conclusion that the child is dead, but Grey knows that’s obviously false.”

Tilting Away From Windmills

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