Curse of Strahd

Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law

Session 12

Their sleep cycles all fucked up, the party begins the journey east to Tser Pool and the Village of Barovia—to check in with Madame Eva and deliver the bad news about Ireena to Ismark—at nightfall. The pouring rain makes the journey especially unpleasant, but not unpleasant enough to keep the party from investigating the strange phenomenon of a seemingly-endless stream of ghostly warriors originating from somewhere in the east charging towards Castle Ravenloft.

Following the glowing specters to the gates of the great castle, Mr. Whooper scouts around. He finds that the spirits are throwing themselves from the castle’s highest tower, but can’t track down the person, persons, monster, or monsters that the party is sure are watching them.

Unsettled, but with spirits on her mind, Thud recalls the Kenobi-esque presence she felt two long days ago, and starts to think loudly, hoping that source of the feeling was still around and could be communicated with. Surprisingly, it works! A spirit—specifically Thud’s only friend from her childhood in the Kryptgarden Forest—reveals itself to the party. Grey, who’s spent many a sleepless night poring over texts to be able to summon an animal companion, becomes jealous when the incorporeal spirit molds itself into the shape of an eagle. When she tries to commiserate with her skeletal raven over the matter, she discovers that the spirit and Mr. Whooper aren’t aware of each other’s existence, even when they’re together.

Continuing on, the party arrives at the Durst family windmill, where they find an irate Jeny Greenteeth angry that the hags who inhabit the windmill won’t let her use their oven. Hoping to enlist the party’s aid in accessing the oven, she tells them that the pastries the hags in the windmill have been baking and peddling are composed primarily of children from the Village of Barovia. The party is dismayed, in part because of the potent combination of child murder and cannibalism, but mostly because Barovia has ground them down to the point where altruism feels more like a legal obligation than a genuine desire.

While Grey attempts to scale the windmill to free the children that haven’t yet been converted into their final forms, Thud, Tom, Brenna, and Greenteeth assault the coven directly. Lots of dretches and lightning later, two members of the coven are dead, but the eldest among them has escaped. Greenteeth eagerly tears open the oven and begins devouring the bounty within. The pastries do their dark work quickly, transforming Greenteeth into a taller, (even) more sinister looking version of herself. Alarmed, Thud and Grey attempt to restrain her. It goes poorly. Two scrolls of remove curse and one retreat later, the party (along with the liberated children: [[Freek and Myrtle]]) and makes camp near the main road.

In his dreams, Tom is visited by the escaped hag, who introduces herself as Morgantha. Taking revenge for the loss of her home, she curses him with an unnatural weakness, and then does… something with a bag. I dunno. Dreams are weird.


DM: “The bug is the next Big Bad.” –Watching Mr. Whooper eat the same bug, again.

Jenny Greenteeth: “Only hags can call each other hags.”


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