Strahd's most capable Vistani agent


Arrigal is a Vistana who resides at the camp west of Vallaki with Luvash (his older brother who is also the camp’s leader) and Arabelle (his young niece).

Arrigal was dispatched beyond the edge of Barovia by Count Strahd von Zarovich to draw adventurers into his domain. To accomplish this, he employed his skills as a performer to fashion two identities. The first was a nervous, soft spoken version of himself in service to Kolyan Indirovich, the Burgomaster of the Village of Barovia. In this guise, he was able to convince Major Tom Mason and Thud—two outsiders unfamiliar with the civilized settlements of the Sword Coast (and therefore unaware that Barovia isn’t one of them)—to cross over into the Demiplane of Dread.

To ensnare other adventurers, Arrigal took on the guise of Zelarun Roaringhorn, a member of the Harpers operating in the Sword Coast town of Daggerford. As Roaringhorn, Arrigal met with Miligrey Mournespire, a runaway scholar in debt to the Harpers. Arrigal tasked Mournespire with meeting Brenna Beren—a sorcerer in search of a rare, unedited, first edition of Volo’s Guide to All Things Magical—and recruiting her to hunt a pack of werewolves that were terrorizing the region.

Once Arrigal had completed his task, he did not expect to see any of the people he’d tricked into coming to Barovia again. (After all, most adventurers do not last long there.) However, when the party found him at his camp—having saved his niece Arabelle from certain death—he held his ground on his home turf and admitted the nature of his deception: that he brought adventurers to Strahd’s domain on the vampire’s orders to maintain the Vistani’s good standing in the estimation of their lord and master.

The party encountered Arrigal again at the Blood of the Vine Tavern, where he “begrudgingly” sold the them two scrolls of remove curse before leaving the Village of Barovia for parts unknown. The scrolls turned out to be hastily assembled forgeries; so hastily assembled, in fact, that one of them was written on the back of a letter from Strahd.


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